Northwest Samoyed Rescue Application Form

NWSR places dogs in Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho.
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IMPORTANT: Read this if you want a Samoyed:

Are you looking for a young dog? Perhaps a puppy or a dog under three years old?  It's unlikely we will be able to help you. Young dogs are seldom in rescue and we have so many apps on file for young dogs it would take years and years to get to you.

Because so many more people apply than the number of dogs we help, many of our applicants will end up looking for a breeder. For advice on breeders, click here.

If you have room in your heart for a senior dog, or even a middle-aged dog, we really want to hear from you because those are the dogs who need homes. 

Thank you.

A hacker has found a way to use our online application to get access to our website, so it had to be removed. Please write to  for an application. We are sorry for the inconvenience.